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  1. steelworx help
  2. How do you get cranes
  3. RLD's Video Guide
  4. Roller coaster together?
  5. Top Thrill Dragster: Make it stop then launch with a Stormrunner!
  6. Basic [mixmaster] show producing, tips & tricks for once you have finished your show.
  7. Waterfall Help--Looking for a tip, Multiple falls both from body of water A into B?
  8. How do I have a raised station?
  9. Tunnel
  10. Help with mission ( or whatever it's called)
  11. Wall-next-to-path cheat
  12. Is there a way to make Peeps stop vomiting and littering?
  13. Dumb VIP?
  14. Multiple Waterfalls from Single Lake
  15. Lakes
  16. Making buildings look non-blocky with the Atlantis Theme?
  17. RTC3:Platinum Cheats
  18. un-banked helix?
  19. Does anyone know how to make double lines?
  20. Custome ride/park entrances...
  21. how can i make a coaster go through water?
  22. saving custom buildings?
  23. Flying Camera Routes Editer Totorial/New Pics!
  24. RCT-Guide
  25. Shyguys Main Street Sets
  26. Can Not Satisfy VIP Joe Slugger
  27. Tips on creating B&M coasters?
  28. Do you complete the scenerios?
  29. can you make a VIP ?
  30. Underwater Paths/Aquariums?
  31. bulding a rollercoaster inside a bulding?
  32. options.txt not working
  33. FAQ / Walkthrough
  34. need HELP! with options.txt
  35. i need some help to start a park
  36. Animated Models Tutorials?
  37. Help on pool structures.
  38. trains help
  39. Waterfalls
  40. Tutorial- Making a racetrack
  41. How do you get two tracks together?
  42. WickedTwist's Windows Movie Maker Tutorial
  43. Building Better Parks: A Study on Game Mechanics
  44. started again and i need help!
  45. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  46. Roof Help
  47. i need help on how to make fireworks!!!
  48. i need help making a tube on a twister coaster
  49. Going Underground...
  50. Help with trains on transfer track
  51. Waterworld show USH
  52. Dang those VIPS please help!
  53. Gravity's Guide To Building A Better Coaster -:- Blocking Systems
  54. Uploading to youtube help!!
  55. Help please
  56. Help On Custom Scenery!
  57. Need help with underground world
  58. Mountian Rescue Help!
  59. Park Making
  60. "Instant Castle" 8/15/07small Update8/20
  61. Immelmann loop HELP!
  62. Struggling! In need of help.
  63. invisble track
  64. rct3platnum !!! Help
  65. Linear induction motor tracks?
  66. Raised Rides help
  67. Mountain Spring scenario
  69. How do you get wet and shiny?
  70. Help On Scenario!!
  71. Zero-G Roll [Please Look]
  72. my top ten coaster tips
  73. I Need Help With Pool Stairs/Path
  74. Need help
  75. Overlaying track
  76. Transporting Lots of People / Load and Departue Settings
  77. Frustrated With Gold
  78. How do you make buildings?
  79. Need Help with Stairs/Ramps
  80. Options Text Trouble Again.
  81. Paths Through hills/etc??
  82. options.Txt not working, I DONT HAVE WILD
  83. Help With Making Smooth Beaches.
  84. ---coaster tutorial---(1.spinning wild mouse)
  85. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Options.txt Cheat - Solution
  86. Some Quick Questions
  87. slide with chain lift
  88. Anyway?
  89. Can someone help me on how build a haunted house or castle need some pointer
  90. How do you put pictures in your posts?
  91. Having A Succesful Park
  92. how to use the pitch black walls
  93. getting peeps where you want them...
  94. Ride entrances and exits
  95. Custom Scenery?
  96. how do u make a park look like a island
  97. Under water coaster with aerial view tutorial!
  98. How do you put a log flume actually in water?
  99. peep view?
  100. Tips and tricks for taking screenshots, by Nuclear Fish
  101. Premade Parks for Sandbox Mode?
  102. How
  103. option txt update Need help
  104. Custom Scenerio's
  105. Height restrictions?
  106. A new park for a amator (Help)
  107. Excitement Ratings
  108. [Released] Reclaiming the Shark car type: RCT3 Shark Reclaimer
  109. Need Help
  110. Can't find custom scenery after download
  111. Money
  112. Help with higher water slides please!
  113. Maverick Rocks Suggestions?
  114. Track Help
  115. how do i put saftey stairs on the chain lifts on rollercoaster
  116. Options.txt Cheats not working?
  117. How do i put the ath catwalks download
  118. Picture Help
  119. Fireworks Editor Tutorial
  120. Any Suggestions?
  121. Go Karts Tutorial
  122. gadget space mountain
  123. HELP, please can someone show me how to put coasters through tunnels pls
  124. "how to build a good ... whatever."
  125. Making a coaster go backwards... need help
  126. how do turn on my block brake for my roller coaster that won't work
  127. Application Data
  128. options.txt
  129. how do make waterfall real use rocks
  130. Intersecting tracks
  131. finicky guests
  132. Help on stations
  133. How did he do that?
  134. hersheypark pics please
  135. turoial on using ShyGuys Alpine set?
  136. peeps and the paths
  137. how to get ride of the paving around rides
  138. Coaster Cars on different Tracks Tutorial: Re-Organization coming soon!!
  139. coaster length?
  140. Timing Fireworks For Rides
  141. rct3m's Spanish Buildings Tutorial
  142. Parks without paths
  143. Help - How to connect a ride to a pool complex!
  144. can someone make A tutorail on how to do particle effects like NuclearFish does
  145. Options.txt Track into the water.
  146. Raised path collision detection
  147. Car&Track Switch TUT
  149. RCT3 Wild Career Scenario 3 (Egyptian Sand Dance)?
  150. Animal Social Requirement
  151. Top Thrill Dragster
  152. Coaster UnderWater
  153. Increasing Park Rating?
  154. How do you mend broken fences?
  155. Cruise Ship Upload And Tutorial for Assembly
  156. Career Mod help
  157. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  158. Help Please: Breakdown Tolerance
  159. how do you add water??
  160. mc donles
  161. Custom Supports
  162. Help with water rides please
  163. Tunnels?
  164. Career Mode Objective For Coasters
  165. Strata Catwalks, with real walking!
  166. strange phenomena
  167. Billboard Images...
  168. Time issues / how to time trains
  169. ShyGuy's Alpine Village Set
  170. How do I post screenshots without image uploading sites?
  171. Making a roof on a building
  172. custom image
  173. Help ( Checkered Flag )
  174. Excitement rating vs Intensity rating?
  175. Editing Scenario Parks?
  176. Blocked Track and Synch Adjacent Stations?
  177. Coaster backwards?
  178. joe slugger in la la land
  179. [Tutorial] -->How to make a spinning dark ride<--
  180. One of the best ways to earn LOADS of money is...
  181. Space Mountain Launch off (mission 2)
  182. track/park help
  183. Eot1's Guide to finding the perfect point of view on filming your coaster.
  184. How do you make Indoor Pools
  185. Tutorial: More park building tips
  186. Could someone help explain intensity and G-forces?
  187. Options txt?
  188. Top Thrill Dragster Supports
  189. How do you make a good restaraunt?
  191. Underground... Ground?
  192. How Does a VIP visit a MixMaster Display?
  193. Land
  194. Ingame recorder doesnt record properly :(
  195. how to make food places
  196. Anyone have screenshots of their sick ass parks?
  197. coaster underwater?
  198. How do you record a POV video?
  199. HELP!!!
  200. Suddenly all ligthing when up like mad, need a little advise.
  201. Rct3man777 (AKA goliathPOV)'s tutorial on smooth coasters (1st tutorial)
  202. Why Won't Peeps Use My Water Slide?
  203. rct3 track problem
  204. I need help with Nitro
  205. how do I make my building in rct3 look more realistic
  206. nevermind!
  207. Do I have to build a water slide on top of a hill or can I....
  208. Help Please!
  209. advanced firework editor explosion?
  210. Good Mountains/Hills
  211. RCT2 supports
  213. Ticket Booth and Entrance help
  214. 2 questions here
  215. Buildings
  216. Coaster train types
  217. a certain objective
  218. RCT3 route editor.
  219. Zero G Roll on stormrunner??
  220. Mixmaster
  221. OPTIONS.txt HELP!!!!!!
  222. water wont reflect!
  223. options . exe
  224. Night Time Very Slow
  225. wooden supports.
  226. Generic que path
  227. Making your park LARGER!!!!
  228. RC Sounds for video
  229. Could anyone post..
  230. B&M
  231. Troubel with orienting a laser
  232. Can spotlights, fireworks etc be triggered by rides?
  233. I just made a coaster POV video but I have 2 problems.
  234. How do you make those doors on rollercoasters???
  235. How do you make billboards work?
  236. RCT3 Faqs part one: Custom Scenery (CS) ~Update! How to find everything~
  237. AFE Video Tutorials
  238. Path Building Question
  239. Need help with ride exchange please!!
  240. need help with Nuclearfish's particle effects
  241. how to change hyperlinks?
  242. Noob in need of help! (Trust me, 99% of you probably know)
  243. Question!
  244. Good Looking, Effective Park Layout
  245. Tutorial Videos
  246. SVD error
  247. Decreasing Land in Scenario Editor
  248. help with career mode plz
  249. RCT3 Cursor
  250. Can't achieve themed attraction objective