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  1. !!! HELP PLEASE !!!
  2. Wooden Coaster Support killer (works!)
  3. Multiple Trains - One Station
  4. Tutorial on making launch sections using block brakes
  5. lala land
  6. How to make Custom Scenery
  7. Rollercoaster track height not matching station.
  8. Need some theming tips
  9. Scenery Help!
  10. Soaked! Issues
  11. Dock Approach to Park [Tut]
  12. Guests walk through walls?
  13. first person view?
  14. Diagonal Rooves
  15. RCT3 Platinum walk around in first person view
  16. How do I remove the 'HUD'?
  17. Trying to build my first real coaster... Got much problems!
  18. RCT3 Scenario saving
  19. PK111's Video tutorials
  20. How to make buildins and attractions stay on ground?
  21. how to get custom scenary?
  22. How to Make Realistic Coasters, by disneyland123!
  23. My CS Set
  24. Straight Chainlaunch TUT?
  25. options.txt tutorial
  26. Wooden Coaster supports tutorial?
  27. Yay, onther Options.txt Q!!!
  28. pretzel loop
  29. Terrain + Scenery = Chaos
  30. Steel Jungle Problem
  31. One of many questions...
  32. CS help
  33. RCT3 Underground Path Tutorial
  34. Vanilla Scenario - National Treasure.
  35. Dark Ride Help?
  36. The_Mad_Hatter's Disney-Style Dark Ride Tutuorial
  37. Random Assortment of Roller Coaster Related Questions
  38. Matts Guide to Speed/G's
  39. Is it possible....
  40. Scenery + path collision
  41. How to Make fog/steam?
  42. making videos?
  43. Please help!
  44. Tutorial: The Ideal Neighborhood House
  45. How to beat Fireworks
  46. How do you make rides in buildings?
  47. The Art Of Picture Editing (GIMP and PhotoShop)
  48. RCT3-How to Build Round Roads -Custom Scenery Used-
  49. Making animation with Blender?
  50. need help with vips
  51. Peep creating and/or editing
  52. Water slides tips - PLZ !
  54. Help! Cam stuck
  55. Tutorial: Steven's Indoor Pool Building Tips
  56. Wood Supports (Easy version AND realistic version)
  57. [WIP][TUT] The Big Whole RCT3 No-CS Tutorial
  58. Frustration
  59. Need Help on Making a Multi-Dimensional Coaster
  60. everything collides with everything?
  61. hiding the toolbar
  62. Everest track switch?
  63. bulding a dophin show-HELP
  64. How to (possibly) make a good queue line
  65. Animal shows
  66. Lighting Question: Lighting Roller Coaster Supports
  67. Building Stations
  68. Reflective Water?
  69. Installing CTR and CFR
  70. RCT3 randomly closing. D:
  71. Minimum speed?
  72. Teh Best Thing
  73. How Do You Do It?
  74. i need help!!!!!
  75. Help With Billboards!
  76. Inverted Transfer Track Tutorial
  77. Cars on other Tracks
  78. The Basics to a Succesfull Mainstreet
  79. Gluesniffa's Tips and Tricks (Beginners and Pros)
  80. How do I insert water into the holes?
  81. Roads
  82. Launch coaster help?
  83. Pannael Billboard tutorial
  84. Fences for Dazmatze's Path Covers
  85. How to divide an image into 4 sections: Added Pictures
  86. rock'n'roller coaster help
  87. New again
  88. SandBox, Limited Money
  89. Options.txt question
  90. Yet another frustration moment!
  91. How To Make A Cypress Swamp ~Tutorial~
  92. Billboard problems
  93. Limiting number of peeps
  94. Question about water rides.
  95. Whirlpool help
  96. help building track on track
  97. Options.txt Help With One Code
  98. Options.txt problem
  99. Turning off Coaster Lights
  100. A seller for my restaurant
  101. Building More Realistic Coasters, by Canobiecrazy
  102. Atlantis Mini Challange
  103. raised flat rides
  105. import tracks into rct3
  106. Alernate Possible Vista Billboard Fix
  107. Vertical Lift Hill for CTR Eurofighter?
  108. Vomit and Litter
  109. RCT3 Ground Problem
  110. Custom Supports for Bobsled Coaster?
  111. n00b question ( water transports)
  112. Cant get any Cs Insalled!
  113. RCT3 How To Build A Good Highway
  114. A Few Questions
  115. Music in RCT3 and in WMM?
  116. Downloading RAR Files?
  117. Options.txt cheats
  118. [TUT] How to make a playlist without using Windows Movie Maker
  119. PK111's Construction tutorial series 1
  120. ideas and tips for making Walt Disney Studios Paris and/or Florida
  121. Old school CTR
  122. Top Tips for building the Ultimate Theme Park
  123. Ov3rkill13's Coaster Guide
  124. Scenario Winning: #1 Vanilla Hills
  125. CTR's
  126. Weird File
  127. Custom Music Fix For Vista!
  128. Help with Lights on Coaster
  129. Music form Itunes to WMM? Is it Possible?
  130. RCT1, 2 & 3: Grid Stratagy Across The Board
  131. track splitting
  132. Question
  133. Laying on COASTER TRACKS
  134. You Can Help Me Make a Thrill Ride Out of this Coaster
  135. Simple Rollercoaster tutorial
  136. This will save you alot of time!! ~ Santas Helpers
  137. Custom Supports Help
  138. The (slightly more advanced) photoshop tutorial ~ Button tutorial now up
  139. Video Upload Quality question
  140. How do I build coasters underground?
  141. Help Please: Daylight settings in custom scenario?
  142. Pictures?
  143. Spooky Forest Project Help
  144. Saving building floors if path tiles
  145. Can someone help please?!?!?!
  146. Help with custom billboards please!
  147. How do you build a Tilt Coaster???
  148. Launch set
  149. Roller Coaster through mountain, underground,etc.
  150. Custom Supports
  151. Stuck
  152. Island Hopping
  153. Problem - please help!
  154. RCT3 Mountain Rescue
  155. Help with uploading pictures lmao (Still dont no how )??
  156. Tired of this "carp"
  157. Help!
  158. Help! Coaster Length?
  159. [TUT]How to delete Supports...completely
  160. ~Matt's Building tips: part 2 up!
  161. How do you change the landscape outside the park?
  162. setting up vip's to stay?
  163. Options.txt
  164. options.txt with (VISTA)
  165. Lowing the Intensity of a Coaster
  166. Roller coaster tycoon 3 Total ride income problems
  167. Waterfall help
  168. how to create firwork?
  169. Shyguy's Rock set tutorial. (How to make a cave)
  170. Glitch (Needs CS) With Entrances Over Track
  171. *Official* Guide To Making Better Main Street Buildings
  172. Converting RCT music to RCT3
  173. Not sure where to post this...
  174. How to take nice camera angles?
  175. is there a station gates tutorial?
  176. Multiple track intersects
  177. out of park Ideas, need some new ones.
  178. How wide can a waterfall be?
  179. RctWeekly's Guide to making better B&M Coasters
  180. options.txt
  181. La La Land Help
  182. Can some one help me delete some objects?
  183. Remove supports on raised paths?
  184. How do I make scenery larger?
  185. Track into water?
  186. Floating Bathrooms On Flat Scenery
  187. Corkscrew Hill-launch?
  188. How to make a ride entrance and exit without completing track?
  189. How to do a stop move to launch set and then launch
  190. Totally stuck on a scenario!
  191. Scenery intersecting with one another?
  192. Lanscape height cheats
  193. Scenario Help
  194. [WIP] The Definitive Guide to Custom Objects - ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS!
  195. Need tutuorial on making circle flower bed
  196. stop then launch tutorial
  197. RCT3 Soaked; Oasis of Fun; Challenge help.
  198. Park Entrances?
  199. CS sets?
  200. How do I do this
  201. How would you make your park cool?
  202. Picture to Atari forums help
  203. CS guide for beginners
  204. win-zip help
  205. How can I build custom lights?
  206. Gimme Shelter! (well, info on shelter)
  207. Does anyone know if there is a tutorial on how to use Moby's Steel Jungle?
  208. No songs in iTunes to upload into game?
  209. HelpPlease - Belgabors Doodads & Mennoo's Madhouse trouble ")
  210. I need help with the Wild! Tiger Forest Scenario!
  211. Options txt cheats NEED HELP with vista
  212. [TUT] Options.txt On Vista
  213. RCT3 platinum scenario 13
  214. How could I create a park which is bigger than 254*254 units square?
  215. Custom built observation towers
  216. A solution for those fed up with lag.
  217. Need tips or tutorial on building good wooden coaster
  218. [Wild!] How can I improve animal's habitant and social score?
  219. HELP!
  220. La La Land Solution for VIPs
  221. Waterslide Supports, how do you make them?
  222. Basic Green Screen Tutorial
  223. Question About billboards?
  224. entrance ticketing
  225. Help with park
  227. Is there a tutorial on building Custom Rides anywhere?
  228. Scenario Unlocking Cheat?
  229. Custom Coasters
  230. Fountains
  231. Fright Night...help!
  232. Question
  233. Wild! animal and animal enclosure FAQ
  234. Water-based transport help
  236. ride height problem with rotating tower coaster
  237. Senario Problem(Tiger Forest)
  238. Removing the auto tunneling feature for the wild expansion?
  239. slide end to lift hill on water slides
  240. Train track width?
  241. unlimited cars on train
  242. sketchup screenshot help
  243. Tutorial request
  244. Waterfalls help???
  245. RCT3 IN 3D!!!!
  246. On roller coaster tycoon 3 gold ; help with adjoining water rides to pool?
  247. Checkered Flag (searched here no answer)
  248. scenery help
  249. Options.txt