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  1. 10cent Raise Trick
  2. Problem solved.
  3. Roads in RCT3 - Wuzie
  4. Invisible track?
  5. How to Reduce the poly count of round objects in sketchup!
  6. How do i build the Kingda Ka on RCT3
  7. Boomerangs
  8. RCT3OE need help
  9. Terrian + Pathways = ???
  10. Powered launch speed any way to increse...
  11. Editing Options.txt
  12. Long Lines and Crowded Parks?
  13. joint ride
  14. Having more than one train while in shuttle mode
  15. Making A Realistic Skyscraper. Chapter 1 & 2
  16. [HELP] ctr tutorial 2 different track's
  17. park entrance and gate deletion help
  18. changing cars?
  19. Help with pool complex
  20. rct3 recreation coasters
  21. How to build a realisitc coaster station, and other tips and tricks (Part 2 finished)
  22. Different Colored Trains?
  23. Help quick!
  24. track through water?
  25. how to make the millenium force in rct3
  26. how to make the corkscrew in rct3
  27. Underground
  28. how to make the sidewinder in rct3
  29. How to top skyscrapers
  30. screen shots?
  31. Tips to a Realistic Park-An Extensive List
  32. Haunted Mine Tips?
  33. Walls and roofs Question.
  34. Diagonal Paths?
  35. Help! Soaked expansion pack...
  36. Oriolesmagic's Coaster Competition Tutorial
  37. photobucket/ other site?
  38. Soaked Scenario 9 - Castaway Getaway Challenge 2 - SOLUTION.
  39. [HELP] How do i put a user-created car on an in-game track :/
  40. Help! I'm a Noob!!!!!!!!!!
  41. rct3 VIP glitch
  42. [HELP] Can't find a certain download
  43. Help. How do i build a park entrance
  44. List of Coasters/Real-life Companies
  45. Help! - Making track dark
  46. increase speed lock brakes
  47. Lighting up coasters and rides and night
  48. [HLP] Architecture for a jungle themed park
  49. Buildings Maverick-esque rides?
  50. Station gates
  51. Challenge Help!
  52. Tips and Tricks
  53. How to make a good realistic park for beginners/intermediate players
  54. How to Sync a coaster with a mixmaster show - Video
  55. Please close Mod.
  56. Lights.
  57. Paths and Pathcovers.
  58. How do you post pictures into rides?
  59. Buying Land for the Park?
  60. B&M Caosters on RCT3
  61. need tips on how to make realistic beach
  62. WaterSlides in the pools?
  63. Launch tunnel help!!
  64. Intersecting tracks
  65. Lost Atlantis help
  66. Skyscraper Tops
  67. No Entry signs?
  68. How to create and import a custom flatride?
  69. Santas Helpers Frozen Pond Tutorial!
  70. A couple of Questions
  71. How shall I create a decent waterpark?
  72. Do signs help? and Elevators?
  73. How do you get it high?
  74. Flying Camera?
  75. Pictures
  76. Quick parks with no entrance building
  77. What are they for?
  78. Gravity's Guide To Building A Better Queue
  79. Path Interactions Tutorial
  80. options.txt with Platinum?
  81. Tag's guide to water under ground
  82. Non Working Water Falls??
  83. How to make a film??
  84. Could I have some help with Rotating Tower Coaster Please?
  85. How do you put scenery underground?
  86. How to make "special" Inversions.
  87. How do i import downloaded tracks?
  89. Queue paths
  90. Make a Steel Coaster Look Wooden?
  91. Lighting CFR Intamin Drop Tower
  92. [HLP] How Do You Make A Switchback??
  93. Lost options.txt back...
  94. As you create a custom scenary
  95. Could I have help with the Sea Serpent Shuttle please
  96. Need Help With Coaster Editiing!
  97. Main Gate/Entrance?
  98. how do you take a picture as in your at peep level
  99. Need a quick question answered about paths
  100. Structure Guide Being Considered??
  101. Object Raising Problems
  102. Elevated boarding platforms
  103. How do I use DRF'S Rafting Set effectively?
  104. Hard Coaster Construction (Need some help)
  105. Coaster Help Please (ANother Question Added)
  106. Supports.
  107. Changing billboard(help)
  108. Sig help
  109. Raised Shops
  110. Supports. HELP.
  111. Problem with option.txt
  112. options.txt problem... please read
  113. [HLP] Hiding Log Flume Supports
  114. Non WOrking Boat Ride
  115. Giga Coaster Supports??
  116. How do You Create Particle Effects??
  117. Ride lowering into Water
  118. AFE Fire??
  119. How to combine 2 different tracks
  120. Why CSO doesnt work???
  121. Coaster Car List?
  122. Install CS set problem
  123. CTR help
  124. How Do I Make Seats
  125. Flying Camera Route
  126. My Custom Scenery Can't Extract?
  127. Options.txt (in-game problems)
  128. Options.txt and Platinum.
  129. Need help with studio scenario
  130. Getting Scenery closer to eachother/walls/tracks
  131. NEED HELP ... Egyptian Sand Dance Scenario
  132. How to install CTR help
  133. Castle Lighting?
  134. Splashdown
  135. Stop...launch..tutorial needed! Closed, I have made a tutorial as I found out.
  136. Stop...Wait...Launch Working tutorial (Really, it does, I've tried)
  137. Kevin's Vertical Lift Hill Tutorial
  138. I need some help
  139. General Help and Tutorials Thread
  140. nammes help thread i need help
  141. Stuck on Pirates Scenario for level one
  142. Reached 150 guests in a clean pool environment...Wheres my award?
  143. Plokoon's construction tips: Part 1
  144. Easy Step By Step Tutorials For Building Things Underwater[Flat Rides,Paths and More]
  145. how to change your particle effects from the game into fireworks.
  146. Storm Runner/Kingda Ka Coaster Launch Problem
  147. StormRunner Stop wait Launch Tutorial
  148. Custom Scenery Help
  149. Mist Screen
  150. Need Help With "La-La Land"
  151. Custom Content Tutorials. CS,CTR and much more.
  152. Mini Eurofighter Help!
  153. Help?
  154. Custom Spinning Coaster Car Tutorial
  155. please i need help with la la land
  156. How to make coasters launch during the ride.
  157. How do I get this background?
  158. How to recover park?
  159. Ride Entrance out side park?
  160. Advice on Custom Supporting
  161. Tutorial: Making Beds in RCT3 (Literally)
  162. options.txt, cannot get 'guest' cheats to work
  163. Texture Help!
  164. Options.txt Help!!!!!
  165. Coaster Options Help
  166. B&M Dive Machine Splashdown Help
  167. Where can I find these?
  168. Add Ons
  169. Peep Attraction on Rides
  170. coaster tracks
  171. bugs bunny custom scenery
  172. Can't Find
  173. Entrance in Career Mode
  174. Need Help Completing Saxon Farm (Wild)
  175. How to take car of the glitch in IWDYs Spinning coaster
  176. Gadgets vekoma trak chrashes my game... please help
  177. windows 7 help??
  178. [TUT] Particle Effects as Firework Effects & How to Edit them? [TUT]
  179. VIP HELP GLITCH Soaked Pack Park Fountian of Youth!! HELP PLZ
  180. Slingshot\Hybrid Coaster (Help)
  181. [TUT] how to make custom mortars
  182. cs support designs
  183. Flume ride level with water
  184. My Johnny Watts Cheat Code Doesn't Work
  185. Rct3F's Pyrotechnics Show Tutorials- Lesson 2: Lighting and LEDs
  186. No-CS Tips and Tricks
  187. [TUT] My Megaupload Tips
  188. Square Paths Tutorial
  189. Turning Off Station Light?
  190. Quick TUT for installing custom coasters & tracks!
  191. Changing from day to night when you want
  192. I need help importing something!!!
  193. options.txt help
  194. How to install Gadget's CTRs
  195. Firework Question
  196. Taking Video in RCT3 - What do you use?
  197. [TUT] RCT3 Sound Effects :BONUS Tutorial Added:
  198. [TUT] How to use the new Invisible Track
  199. Station Gates help