View Full Version : Riders World Announced!

11-10-2004, 08:45 AM
Riders World will be one of the biggest rct3 parks ever.It consists of 11 differntly themed areas.oh & these arent there actual names.


-old time(old towns & stuff)

-dino land(dinosaures & other rides based on that stuff)

-futre(many futre based rides,attractions,scenery)

-fairytale land(castles,nights,fary tale rides like snowwhite)

-tropicle world(beaches,relaxing rides,water)

-video game world(buildings look like games & so do rides)

-giant world(huge items & realy oversized buildings)

-haunted town(scary buildings & rides,rundown buildings & rides)

-fun forest(fun houses,weird scenery

the last ones a suprize

it will have over 125 rides and attractions with one of the longest and ridable coasters ever wich goes through all the themed areas.

thats all for now folks(it will realy lag)