View Full Version : Digable planets / missing in action / the highest atm / some other park i made

11-16-2004, 03:08 PM
Missing in action is the first ride i made a while back when i got rct3 en played it for the first (or maybe second:))
at one point i had a lot of trouble setting the water at the correct level because one tile was a bit down the water wouldn`t come up al the way to the track, thus making the illusion of a river complete.
after re-checking ecery single tile i found the bstrd.
anyways.... the other park i made (the last) got lost i saved the game but it crashed and i couldn`t find it back.

ooww right there`s also the highest atm (don`t ask why) :)

music is by digable planets.

Here`s the link !! (http://www.purotico.demon.nl/PhotoStory1.wmv)

12Mb btw

p.s. anybody doing any Efteling rides ?