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11-24-2004, 10:05 PM
I wanted to see just how far I could push myself in terms of space/budget management so I created a custom scenario.

Mini Park Scenario (http://www.magicticker.com/rct3/mini.zip) - 89KB Zipped

* The park size is a small 28x29 squares
* You are given $5,000 in cash to start with
* Your loan limit is $5,000 at 9.9%
* You cannot destroy trees
* You cannot alter the landscape
* You cannot build over 150 feet.

Aprentice LeveL:
* 3 coaster with 5+ excitment
* $1,500/month ride income for 3 stright months

Enterpenture Level:
* 4 coaster with 5.5 excitment
* $2,250/month ride income for 3 stirght months

Tycoon Level:
* 6 coaster with 6.5 excitment
* $3,000/month ride income for 3 stright months

My Tycoon Level Park (http://www.magicticker.com/rct3/falados-mini.zip) - 643KB Zipped

If anyone else can pass the tycoon level I'll be happy to post the park on my website. (Link is in my Sig)

11-25-2004, 03:15 AM
Nice scenario, and right down my alley (as you can tell by my sig), but it is much tougher than any of the built-in scenarios. That's not a negative in any way, as I like a good challenge.

Entrepreneur so far after 3 years, but I have a lot of cash saved up. Going to probably wipe out all of my existing rides, and rethink things a bit.