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12-14-2004, 09:52 PM
Wichita Falls Is Actually Two Parks in One
First Park Info
Wichita Falls- Fun On Demand
Planed 3 Sections
Section One: Main Street Rides
Grand National(Woodie) < Park Icon
First Go Up 108 Feet in the Air On
Wichita Falls Most Massive Coaster
Drop Down Speeding Faster than
A bullet into the splash section
Amercan Revelution
Can You Survive Thiss thrill
A swinging pendulum conected
to a free spinning car hold on
Chair Swings
The Chair swings
Merry go Round
Sky wheel
SectionTwo:Adventure Island
Garden Snake
Who Says Garden Snakes Are
harmless Well think Again. You
go up the chain as it pulls you
up and up go through a twist
down a Quater Loop speeding
throgh banked turns and
Red Baron
Heres A vid Click Here (http://www.nicksvideo.com/tycoon3d/REd BAron.wmv)
Secton 3: Camp Wichita: wild west themed
area info soon
Park 2 Wet Wilderness
Enjoy the buetiful Lake and the extreme water rides
Will update soon

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12-14-2004, 10:26 PM
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