View Full Version : my gardens park

rct addict
12-22-2004, 01:22 AM
the whole park (http://rctaddict.tycoonplanet.com/wholepark.jpg)
section 1 (http://rctaddict.tycoonplanet.com/section1.jpg)
section 2 (http://rctaddict.tycoonplanet.com/section2.jpg)
section 3 (http://rctaddict.tycoonplanet.com/section3.jpg)
section 4 (http://rctaddict.tycoonplanet.com/section4.jpg)
park download (http://rctaddict.tycoonplanet.com/gardens2.zip) coaster cam (http://rctaddict.tycoonplanet.com/coastercam.wmv)
download doesn't work. no idea why. :mad:
coaster cam is slow, too. it wasn't before.
well, i zipped the .dat file. maybe this'll work.
i see the coaster cam is working fine now. the video isn't slow. why was it before?