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01-11-2005, 06:46 PM
Just a few quick tips on good park design for folks who are just getting started! (I know these would have helped me! ^_^;;) Please keep in mind I am not a Master Park Builder, these are just average tips I have figured out while playing.

1. Delete everything in the scenario in EVERY secnario before you start building everything. Paths, rides, shops, etc, nuke 'em all! Sort of cheating, but it makes it so much easier. ^_~

(1a. Make sure you rescue all the poor little peeps that you have now trapped in the hills.)

2. NEVER put two shops right next to each other. No clue why peeps prefer distance, but they do.

2a. ALWAYS make sure the shops have the 'optional' items marked to Peep's preference. It's more of a headache fiddling with the setting than to just let them have whatever they want.

3. Start every scenario with one mechanic for every five rides. Then add them as needed. If they are bored, fire one of them... or build more rides!

3a. Train -all- of your mechanics to max unless money is tight. These should be your top priority for training!!

4. Start every scenario with at least three janitors, add more as the park expands.

4a. Train one to max, then train the others as you have time.

5. Pay off the loans at the start of the scenario (if possible). There is ALWAYS a requirement to pay off the loan, so if you start out pretending there is no loan, it's easier. :P

6. Make custom coasters! Open the scenario, see what coaster types you are allowed to build... then head for the sandbox! You will want to custom build -cheap- coasters that are MHM or HHM. Try to keep them under $5,000. Then save the coasters and head back to the scenario. A few cheap coasters are real life savers! (I'm going to see if I can't upload mine somewhere...)

6a. NEVER build a coaster in the scenario! Everytime you have to back-track in your design you LOSE money! So head to the sandbox and build 'em for free! ^_^

7. Low reliability? Trash the ride! Every 2-3 years you will need to delete and replace some of the rides. Annoying, but true. :P

8. Entertainers and Security are normally optional. I only use security when there are VIPs in the park, and then fire them afterwords. I have -never- had a problem with vandalism... which may be a bug, but the cops keep getting bored and quitting, so I stopped hiring them. :P

9. Easy cheat: The game doesn't care what your park looks like. There are a few times you can win silver or gold by just selling off everything in your park and buying the coasters it requires. The coasters don't even have to be connected to anything!

10. Peeps need places to Wait! Make sure you have plenty of open squares where peeps can gather around the coasters. You'll have groups that have to wait for one memeber and it's easier to have them wait by the ride then to run back and forth across the park. ^_^;;

And that's all I can think of off the top of my head... will have to go back and play some more to think up other hints! ^_^

And I only -wish- I had a bunny with a pancake! ^_~ *grin*

01-12-2005, 02:25 PM
About the tips. These are for scenario completion, not Park design, right, because of wording, it gets confusing.

A lot of these may work for you, but I don' tfind I agree with them that much since each scenario is different. Some are good for some scenario's, but not the absolutes in others. How many have you completed, BTW?

01-13-2005, 07:47 AM
I would also have to say, that while you can delete everything in a scenario to make completion easier - it does take some of the fun away.


01-13-2005, 01:07 PM
When I first got my RCT3 I had a difficult time figuring out what everything did and how to complete each scenario as a Tycoon.

This is a matter of cheating, but it sure worked for me.

I went and created a peep family with the 4 names of our family. I then added a 5th person..."John D Rockefeller". As your created family enters the park, "John" adds an additional $10,000 to your funds. This gave me the advantage I needed to play and examine each scenario and actually complete them.

I was able to complete each sceranio this way and when I had completed all of the scenarios I simply went back and DELETED John from my family. Then I went back and played all of them again. Now I knew what to expect in each scenario and what I needed to do to make an enjoyable, lucrative park for my peeps.

Obviously, the PROS around here don't need this cheat advantage, but for those of us that like to succeed but just have a bit of trouble figuring out what we need to do...This Helps!

I'm 52f and just enjoy playing, so for those of you that enjoy this game as I do and are NOT terribly creative when it comes to scenery and fancy rides. This might be a useful suggestion.

It could aide your childs frustrations too :D

01-13-2005, 10:00 PM
Actually if you wanna build a coaster that fits in with the scenery (or buildings etc) landscape. What I do is save the game before building. Design the coaster. Make note of any landscaping changes I made. Save the coaster. Reload the save game, make any landscape alterations I need, plop the coaster down.

01-14-2005, 11:43 AM
I should have mentioned it was more a scenario thread than a park design, sorry! ^_^;; I meant it more of a 'these park desgin/management tips with help when building parks for scenarios'. I haven't played much in the sandbox, except for trying to build scenarios. I'm more of a goal orriented person... ^_~

And I have won all of the scenarios so far expect for the gold in La La Land because of the themeing requirements. *sighs* Still trying thou!

I know deleting everything is a bit of a cheat, but I found with my system that some of the scenarios -killed- my FPS rate and for a lot of them I didn't need all of the extra paths. I figured in real life if I was trying to 'save' these parks, demolition work would be one of my primary concerns. (Then again King's Dominion stayed pretty much the same after the takeover. :P)

And I have won most of the scenarios without the more drastic tips from above, but they were a big help when I had gotten frustrated with a scenario and just wanted to get it over with! I did go back the next day and re-win them, so I guess I regained my honor... *grin*

I haven't used any of the offical 'cheats', but after reading the list they certainly came up with some cute ones! I think I like the 'mouse' one best (although it doesn't do anything). ^_^

Oh, and #5 only works in scenarios where you have a loan to start with, forgot to specify that. (doh!)

I started out building the coasters to fit the scenarios, but I found out quickly that I could reuse most of them for later parks... I built a lot of small, cheap MHMs that the peeps seem to appreciate.

Anywho, the tips were just my 2 cents anyways.. ^_^

"Theme? I need a theme??

01-16-2005, 09:38 AM
I am now on the 12th scenario. I have won all previous 11 and have never deleted a thing except a path to keep the peeps out of the undeveloped areas of a park and some trees and shrubs to put a ride in.

You do not need to delete anything. Every scenario is winnable up to 12 (by my account so far) with the ingredients there. It is an unreal expectation that you could get a park handed to you to manage, and could raise money by demolishing the preexisting scenery and rides. You would more than likely pay more to destroy them then you would get by selling them.

Certainly destroying the castle in National Treasure would cost money, not get you money. :bulb: I do not understand what the big hurry is to win all the scenarios in record time is about. Didn't people buy the game to experience the "Tycoon" Pheonomena? Don't people like experimenting with the different rides and seeing how the theming interacts at various parks?

I think this entire forum will evolve to have a thread for each of the canned scenarios soon, and as we go along each of those will give strategies on how to win without destroying theming and other rides. So my advice, and plea so that you enjoy the experience that RCT is offering, is to work within the supplied scenario

01-17-2005, 05:58 PM
DWWilkin: "So my advice, and plea so that you enjoy the experience that RCT is offering, is to work within the supplied scenario"

So I can't enjoy the 'experience' of RTC if I delete obsolete rides and paths that are a drain on money and resources? (Not to mention the hit my FPS takes)... Yes, it's unrealistic, but the stragety matrix of the game itself encourages this sort of pillaging.

If the designers hadn't meant us to take advantage of this matrix, then most of the pre-set items most likely would have been placed in areas outside of our control...

*shrugs* But the game is enjoyable either way, so to each their own. ^_^