View Full Version : Scenario #17 (Caution, may spoil it for you))

01-16-2005, 10:51 PM
I finally have 16 gold hats and a couple hundred bills from a gold on 17, "Money Pit", owe the success to Patch 2, it made a big difference where peeps went from loitering to riding. I went through the 17 quicker than some of the others with 1 restart, now I'm to the point of solving the money challange as the last requirment for gold hat.
I have to say this is one of the most interesting parks with a bunch of little problems you inherit and peeps that don't care about the origional ride very much. Someone in another thread said to maintaine the origional rides, but I took a different approach that I'll list below.

What I would like to start here is feedback of other peeps ideas of solving this park without totaly spoiling it for others, but Ideas and links to pics of the park after you've tweeked it.


What I did do was get park management up and running, fixed rides and tweeked some paths. Next fixed the main coaster and added a shuttle train through the park, this got interesting with a bottleneck somewhere that you should have already discovered by the time you read this. A food court with western theme building was setup with added theme scenary. By the time I got near completion, all the flat rides had been moved to two locations seperated in theme areas and the train extended to run a circuit around the park, but the interest wained, not sure why. Added large animated attractions to the railway, wester town stuff and adventure. Money was flowing, so I added 2 coasters and extended the origional coaster a little to make it more interesting. Also tunneled under things with the coasters, even more interest. I will try to find at least one more place for a "pocket coaster" that I can squeeze in and I think the final bell might ring on this one.

Enjoy this park, it's got potential.

01-23-2005, 11:34 PM

With the added coaster and just a little more tweeking the tycoon bell went off. Most of the tweeking went into correcting theme mistakes. Something about the pirate ship, it was by itself, so I moved it near some other rides. There I notices peeps saying, "what that doing here and messy mixture of themes." Odd since I places it near the scorpian and flying carpet rides from adventure. So I put it back and changes the queue approach along with updates to scenery and the bickering stopped, Concentrate on flow and getting peeps onto the rides with some eats along the way. Never did get to fix the bottle kneck since I wasn't offered new land to expand.

At some point I will return to do a little more with the adventure area and the submerged castle.

But once I completed 17 I took my time on 18, see the link below for details.


Now it's all about custom parks and scenarios.

01-24-2005, 09:46 AM
The patch must've made this one too easy, I didn't try it pre-patch.

A few minutes after starting the scenerio, hiring the obviously needed staff, and hitting 'fast-forward'; I was called AFK. Came back about 15-20 minutes later and Tycoon had already dinged.

Rather disappointing after the multi-session challenges of La-La, & Mountain Rescue.

01-27-2005, 07:46 PM
I didn't really like this park - I don't like parks with loads of rides already in.

I completed it easily by pausing, replacing ALL the rides, fixing the coaster, then opening it. Hit fast-forward, and it's tycoon in no time. That was before patch #2 :bulb:

01-28-2005, 10:23 AM
Yeah, I gotta agree that this one was extremely easy, much moreso than I would have expected from one of the final levels...

In fact, I didn't even have to go to the trouble that some of you did...

I hired a bunch of janitors to get the place cleaned up for Joe Sluggerball, hired a couple mechanics to fix everything else (no need to replace rides), repaired the coaster, and hit fast-forward...

Once the paths were all cleaned up, I fired all of the extra janitors (keeping the necessary 2-3 of them), and sat back and waited...

Joe came and went, happy every time, and my rides took in plenty of money to satisfy the other requirements...

Tycoon by year 3, and it only took that long because Joe would only come once per year...lol

I didn't even build another coaster... I did tweak the Avenger, though, to add in a section of block brakes and a longer station run so I could get two, longer trains running...

And after that, I stuck around a bit to add some flat rides and stalls as my research made them available... But I've done no other major construction... I didn't even bother to clear out all of the dead bushes (I figured they were integral to the "history" of the park...lol)

All in all, though, it was rather anti-climactic for the first "bonus" level to be so simple... Like Barleywine said, especially so after the challenges that La La Land and Mountan Rescue offered (actually, by that point, my formula for completing the scenario parks was so fine tuned, that they weren't that bad, either... just time-consuming)...

Of course, I played it after patch #2... I would imagine that it would be much more difficult before (especially before patch #1)...