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01-17-2005, 11:17 AM
Just finished this yesterday and thought I would share some strategies.

Not as easy as others, but winnable. The park has lots of flat room to develope rides.

I always start with an Info booth, and as we have Spooky Mountain and all that rain, I advise it.

Also, boost the admission price. You can not charge for rides!!! You can not advertise. Peeps are not hungry at the beginning but they will be soon so have two food areas developed before the end of the game.

The park is not overly large, but you can use the height controls and build up over the existing pathways.

The game plateaus at admissions until you build the bigger items. Coasters. I developed most of the park on the east side of the hill and then at the north fence, leaving the rest of the space for Coasters. When that was proceeding along I built a very small coaster to get more admission revenue, and then finally built a large coaster, borrowing mega money, on the plateau. This brought in the peeps to over 600 and gave me money to pay off the loan.

The Prima Guide is no good here. They contend that you can advertise, and raise ride prices to meet the goals, which you can't.

So: Raise the entrance fee
Develope the inexpensive rides and 2 food courts (walkways.)
Max out the east and north sides of the park with thrill, junior and gentle rides available.
Max out on stalls, and duplicate them, as food and stalls are the only revenue generators.
Build one rollercoaster at the west side flat area
Build a second on the plateau

You do not need to buy the land at the castle, but if you are super rich, I would... Just wandering around in 3D was fun.

01-18-2005, 10:34 AM
I've tried this strategy but I'm still doing reeeeeeeaaalllly badly! I seem okay until I try to get to Tycoon level and all of a sudden it's raining constantly and all of the peeps just start going home....? My cash goes into a nose-dive and I can't demolish any scenery to raise funds for more rides...? Hmph, must be doing something wrong....any chance of a screenshot of your winning park as a guide?

01-18-2005, 11:10 AM
I'll do that tonight and post here.

When the first nose dive starts, you might try closing the park (Do you have umbrellas to sell the Peeps?) and then reopening after most of them leave.. You regenerate cash that way and it somehow seems to get them all excited once again. I don't really like this because it goes against "reality" but perhaps it is indicative of RCT3 and the AI.

01-18-2005, 09:17 PM
Here it is. Notice next to the major hill, in the valley leading away from the prefab town, my first row of thrill and gentle rides. From there I developed the north part of the park.

Then I went west from the branch of the village and the valley.

I built the lowland rollercoaster, and then after that built the rollercoaster on the plateau at the south end of the park.


01-19-2005, 04:28 AM
Thanx man, great screenshot.....my park is similar in size , with about as many rides ( inc. a circus & big wheel on top of the 'plateau' ) but my park rating sucks and I hardly have any income...they're just not spending cash.....think I'll have to start again! :(

01-21-2005, 08:34 AM
This was fairly easy for me. I built an awesome inverted coaster in that weird zig zag shaped corner of the park, then tried to charge heaps of money for tickets, then realised I couldnt. So I turned research into researching thrill rides exclusively. Then I filled the rest of the park with thrill ride and other flat rides until there were about 450 people in the park. Then I raised the entrance fee to $25 and closed the park and everything in it so everyone left. Then I reopened it.

Scenario complete.

01-22-2005, 04:08 PM
I hate to think what the guys at Frontier were drinking when they dreamed up this scenario! :haha:

It is further proof that RCT is not simply about emulating real life parks. As I have said before, surely no real life developer in his or her right mind would consider building a theme park in such a god forsaken location as this.

Anyway here is what I do:

Boost your entrance fees as others have suggested. I set it at $15 - 20.

Completing apprentice level and the first item for entrepreneur level (400+ rating for two months) is easy. Once you have got this far FORGET ABOUT PAYING OFF THE LOAN UNTIL YOU HAVE ACHIEVED THE CRITERIA FOR TYCOON LEVEL (600 peeps in park and $60,000 park value). This to me is the trick to completing this scenario

In the science screen make coasters the #1 priority and scale research on other stuff right back. This lets you quickly invent new coaster types that can help.

Obviously you need to build roller coasters to get the park value up in this scenario. The lim launch coaster ( I think it is called) and the mouse coasters are cheap enough to build but will still boost your park value.
2 -3 coasters along with other theme related rides and plenty of toilets, shops etc and a little patience (not my strong point!) will soon see the tycoon criteria achieved. THEN pay of your loan to finish entrepreneur level and tycoon level will soon follow.

For a quick cheat finish once you have 600 peeps and a $60k park value hit pause as soon as you achieve this. Strip the park of enough assets to pay off your loan and do so. Hit play again and you will finish both entrepreneur levels immediately. :haha:

I know that completing entrepreneur level gives you more land to build on. I don't bother about buying land in this scenario as it is just too expensive.

Building a theme related fireworks display along the top of that jagged ridge may also help bring the peeps in.


01-23-2005, 11:52 PM
I hate to think what the guys at Frontier were drinking when they dreamed up this scenario!
I don't think it was the spook shakes:D

Most of us seem to have-gone/are-going through similar paths to completion. I found that by not having the charge for the rides, that the POP charge was bringing in tons of cash and if you put in new stuff in on a consistant basis it got better.
I did have the coaster in about the same configuration as DWWilkin except I took advantage of those spooky houses and ran the coasters through them. I tried a spook house car ride through the 2 on the left, but I found peeps were not that interested even though I had a lot of goulish stuff and popping coffins along the way. What I did do with the extra loot that was coming in, was buy up a bunch of land in the castle and added extra rides and shops in that flat area. This gave the benefit of extra spooky stuff up there, sort of the fright walk or graveyard tours like they give in New Orleans. Do take advantage of the extra structures, knock out walls, change stuff around but you can avoid destroying them and still win.

Darth Gilbert
02-09-2005, 11:08 AM
This one turned out really easy for me. I completed it on July 16, year 1.

Pay off the loan right away. Then build all the flat rides you can afford, starting with admission $10-$15. All you have to do is get 200 peeps in the park to get to Entrepreneur, then the loan goal will be achieved and you can start borrowing. I borrowed money to build Stratosphere, the mini inverted Carrot, and eventually, the mouse spinner Mutant Mouse. I also added every flat that was available. I did this all while the game was running at normal speed, gradually increasing the entrance fee to $30. By this time my park was worth almost $70K. The 600th peep walked in on July 16. :cool:

Stan Dupcoaster
02-21-2005, 05:59 PM
I have completed NEW BLOOD, however, I like to leave my parks having fully payed off my loan. I am now in that trap of not gaining more peeps and money seems to be diving down.

Have others who have completed this level left it with a loan to pay? I can't help feeling that although I have made it to Tycoon, I have cheated it by not paying back my loan.

02-22-2005, 09:41 PM
I tend to pay off the loans after tycoon that way I can have the money to expand the park when I have time to mess with it again. This was one of those parks where you wanted as much rides as possible and some really popular coasters. If your coasters are duds, them chunk-em for some 7s or 8s. Be sure to stay on theme.
I do have one of the track rides with the hand shaped car in a spook house setting that is a flop, not sure why but a similar ride in ghosttown was a smash hit, go figure.

03-03-2005, 04:29 PM
One of my best suggestions to completing this scenario is to not build so quickly. Remember, there is no time limit on the scenarios. I personally waited for a bit of research and used the Stratosphere coaster. I found that to be a cheap way to get the money coming in.

Good luck!

04-29-2005, 04:21 AM
For those still working on this scenario, just go slow with what you add. I cleared out the bulidngs near the entrance, had the east side of the main area with thrill rides (and gentle, etc). You can really jack up the admission price too, after adding 2 rides I put it at 39.00 and 99% of the peeps would pay. 2 coasters total, the dizzymouse on the west side, and had the stratacoaster on the middle mountains. Make sure you have enough janitors and mechanics and this won't be a problem at all. Btw, pay off that loan quick, the way i did it i had close to 20,000$ pretty quickly.

04-29-2005, 08:36 AM
Please note, Manifest's strategy may work, but you can win this without clearing out any of the buildings. Try his strategy with leaving the buildings in, and it will work also.

01-04-2006, 08:13 PM
This might have been the easiest scenario for me. I think I got lucky, but this was my strategy!

I decided from the very beginning that I wasn't going to use any loan money until after I'd received my check on entrep. I paused the game before anyone could enter the park and created my own pathway. I figured there was just about enough flat space around the smaller hill that I could create a walkway right along the edge of the land and have it loop back to the walkway entrance. Essentially I created a square.

I built all of the thrill, gentle, and other rides that I could in the flat spaces next to my pathway. I decided to only research those areas and shops (although I didn't end up needing to research those)

I charged a lot more than you guys could- I figured if the guests weren't paying for the rides, why not? I charged about $35-30 the whole game. This gave me plenty of money. I made sure there were lots of trash cans and a few lamposts, hired a 3-4 mechanics and janitors and trained them a bit, and even hired an entertainer. I built one hamburger stand and one shake stand, and that's all I needed the whole game. The ATM and info booth were VERY IMPORTANT though because since I charged so much everyone ran for money and then bought umbrellas. I put those close to the front.

Then I just let the game run. I was at entrep. without having to do much of anything and then finally took some money from my loan and built one coaster in the corner where you had a good deal of flat space. I occasionally built another flat ride or two as time went on to help bring people in and that's it- I was done! I made enough that I could pay off my loan by tycoon and all was good.

I have a screen shot to make it a bit clearer. Hope it wasn't too long! Sorry that it ended up being nighttime. Stupid weather! Hehe


01-15-2007, 07:55 PM
I just finished the "New Blood" scenario. I followed a few of the tips listed above and it was really quite easy to get through it.

1) At the start of the game I immediately raised the park fee to $35 and left it there. It gave me plenty of money the entire time.

2) I never borrowed any money in the first level other than what the game was set up as.

3) I put a roto drop right at the entrance and tucked a house of mirrors and a spiral slide in amongst the houses. I never destroyed any of the houses.

4) The square of pathing worked out great as suggested.

5) My first coaster was a wild mouse coaster, small, compact & cheap. It was totally surrounded by thrill rides and junior rides (2 to 3 thrill rides to 1 gentle/junior).

6) I was able to get 2 different coasters up on the hills and in the area I called the back 40 I put in 3 more thrill rides.

7) After everything was complete and I was at tycoon level I started buying land for the castle to see what happened. After I bought all the paths I put a bathroom at the back end of the castle near the cemetery. Without that opened, the peeps wouldn't even go up the path.

8) I put a drink and food right at the entrance to the castle tucked up in the alcove there.

9) Eventually the land on the plateau at the back of the castle was purchased and another wild mouse coaster and a gentle ride were installed.

Throughout the entire scenario I had plenty of money to complete everything I needed. I figured if peeps didn't want to come in at $35 at first because there wasn't much there, that was o.k. 'cause I was busy. It didn't take very long to complete the first level - I hadn't even come close to using up my existing funds and placing the basic rides when I hit the marks for that level.

Thanks for all the tips!

01-30-2008, 02:23 PM
I realize I'm likely necroing the thread, but I figured it'd be better than starting another one:

I'm having an issue with this level, specifically Tycoon level. Bottom line, peeps are simply not coming into the park any more, for months at a time. This didn't happen at all before Tycoon level.

For example, with a park entry set at 35 bucks, I was managing over 2,000, 3,000 bucks from entry fees. Then I get to Tycoon level, and my income drops to 100, maybe 130 bucks a month. Interestingly, few people are leaving the park; and when someone *does* leave, an equal amount come back. I've been at about 495 peeps in my park, completely stable, for over a year.

EDIT: Decided to regenerate my peep pool by closing / reopening the park. Now it's stable at 516. And damn it all, both Artmoney and Cheat-O-Matic can't seem to find the peeps-in-park number in order to memory hack it to 600...

Is this just a bug?

01-30-2008, 09:10 PM
One of the strategies that pop overtime is closing and reopening, and as I recall as the only way to get new money in is to charge such a high fee, this may be worthwhile doing.

01-31-2008, 08:47 PM
So where is this new Scenario 12-New Blood because i have been looking for it.