View Full Version : Scenario 1-Vanilla Hills Strategies

01-17-2005, 09:59 PM
Vanilla Hills is easy enough to get to Tycoon level. You should be able to accomplish this in about 2 years without micro-managing staff or prices.

After starting the game, you can pause or not, but build a mix of the thrill rides, gentle rides and the merry-go round along the main path. Also include the food and drink stalls and ballons. I also put an information booth as close to the park entrance as possible. You should reach apprentice easily and have half your money still unspent.

To get to the entrepreneur 60000, you will need to buy more rides, so research rides, and to get to tycoon you will need to get people into the park so one six week advertising campaign will prove useful. As you build thrill rides and coasters, be sure to hire in more mechanics and janitors. 1 per every three fast rides, or one per level should do the trick.

As the park builds up value, so will your cash and soon you will have more rides to build and can also build one rollercoaster. The canned ones are expensive and you can certainly borrow to pay for one, but you can also build a freeform one and this along with a few more thrill rides will see you to entrepreneur.

From here with a 10,000 bonus building a second rollercoaster and a couple more thrill rides should take you to tycoon level.

01-29-2005, 01:52 AM