View Full Version : Scenario 2-Goldrush Strategies

01-20-2005, 09:46 PM
Continuing in the series :)

This is relatively straightforward, build some rollercoasters.

After putting the game on pause, I added an information booth, 2 janitors, 1 mechanic, a toilet stall, a small food court with a steakhouse and lemonade stand, some benches and trashcans. Open all the pre built rides.

Then the Buffalo Roundabout near the front, and a small hypercoaster (about 2000 feet long with excitement over 4 so it would be the Tycoon criteria.) I charged about $5 for this.

Unpausing the game, I saw that we would have the desired ride level income and so paid down the debt. At the end of March we were golden advancing past apprentice and entrepreneur.

This leaves one coaster left to build and choosing economy I built a 1300 foot Spinning Wild Mouse. This quickly won at Tycoon level.

The first time I played this, I built a lot more rides and charged the suggested amount, and even dropped the price on the prebuilt Mining Mission to something much lower. This took a lot longer to get the ride income, and I had a much larger park by the end of the scenario. (That was also with Patch 1 and this was with Patch 2, there could be an AI issue between the two and the ease of winning.

01-29-2005, 01:50 AM