View Full Version : Scenario 7-Broom Lake Strategies

01-30-2005, 06:56 PM
This scenario takes time, only because it will take you time to payoff the 8000 loan you start with. But we have fast forward and you should be done with this in about an hour.

After you start, hire a couple janitors and mechanics. You can shift research to just Thrill rides as you will be able to charge for those rides later when you want income to pay down the debt. Set the entrance fee to about $15. You may also want to cut off access from areas of the park you will not develope.

Around the shop and stall pavillion is a great deal of plateau space. You should be able to build all the gentle, thrill and junior rides and with the left over money build one coaster at the start. Now start running the game at the fastest speed. Soon you will have comguered apprentice, and then start raking money into work on Entrepreneur.

You can build a few more thrill rides as that will increase income, and advertise for more guests/peeps. Once the loan has been repaid you get a cash award of 10K. You can hire a half dozen more mechanics and train them so taht when Clint Bushton arrives he won't have any problems on the rides and thus become a tycoon.