View Full Version : Beating the tough Busch Gardens Van Nuys Scenario

02-01-2005, 03:08 PM
The scenario is very tough, because you cannot remove scenery and the land size is set. Just like the real BG VN you have a limited area to work with. The smart bet on expansion might be to use the North Parkinglot and expand the fun area near the Bumper Cars and Fun House. The key to BG is mainly the scenery. There are many cafes and food stalls thru out the park. In adding a coaster, bear in mind you will have to work around the scenery but it can be done.

The original BGVN didn't have fireworks, but Dean's and others light shows and fireworks might also be worth while adding to your park.

Overall it is a tough scenario to beat, but wise use of remaining space for mainly new attractions that will fit the theming of the tropical park could help. Also the current splash boats were meant to substitute for Jungle Cruise boats which will be updated when this ride becomes available.

You won't need a lot of wandering mechanics. A key strategy would be to assign mechanics and cops to a specific area Hire many wandering handymen and in key areas assign a handyman to cleanup.

Finally, bear in mind also that this is a clean family style park so advertise for families and the younger crowd, as teens will find the park quickly boring.

There are other things I purposefully left (not fully working just right ;) so the scenario will present an additional challenge.

Okay, have fun and here again is the link to the page with the scenario. http://www.sebar.com/rct3/bgvn.html


02-01-2005, 04:00 PM
Cuold you post here the objectives for apprentice, entreprenuer and tycoon. I live in LA and used to go to Busch Gardens a great deal (Are you thinking of maybe doing Japanese Deer Park also?) I can see how things would be difficult to do, since no monster coasters would ever be built at the site historically. I think that they might have changed direction given the success of Magic Mountain overtime (Some great years, some not so great years)