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02-03-2005, 12:03 AM
This is long and slow becuase you have to pay off the 10K loan.

So sit right back and you'll hear a tale... Nope that is another scenario. Island Hopping comes later.

Start as the Prima guide suggests by developing the land near the entry gate, the row on the south. You have one coaster and another quickly developed will get you to Apprentice. You have enough money with the initial loan to get one of each of the Thrill, Gentle and Junior rides at the start, and one more coaster. Hire about 3 janitors to start on the litter and vomit, and hire a mechanic. Raise all prices approximately 50% and do so on every new ride and stall. (raises items about 5 clicks (25 cents or 50 cents).

Cut the path that lead to the North East corner so Peeps don't wander over there and put fences on it.

During the Entrepreneur quest it takes a great deal of time to pay down the debt. For every 1000 paid off, purchase another ride and one more shop or stall. This will increase revenue. By the time you have paid off 10K, you have 10 more rides and 10 more shops... Hire more janitors, to about 7, and more mechanics to about 5.

Beware, the land is not even and building paths to the areas where you build rides can cause some minor breaks in your paths. This would cause peeps to not be able to get to the path and take extra effort and money for you to make them connet.

Once Kara Oki has entered the park, set the VIPeeps waypoints to just the two coasters. You will have to set the Runaway train to 2 circuits and increase the lift hill speed to maximum and this will make the excitement around 6 for this coaster. It also might get stuck, so watch for that. You may have to close it and reopen it.

If your park is not yet at 75K in value purchasing a couple more rides should do the trick and you will be a Tycoon.

At Start

After Tycoon