View Full Version : Scenario 10-Ghost Town Strategies

02-03-2005, 09:43 PM
The first time I tried this it gave me more difficulty but the second time it was not so bad.

Pay off your loan first thing. You can do everything you need to do with 10,000. Hire a mechanic, hire a couple janitors, then plan to hire some more as the park goes live. After you advance to Entreprenuer.

Advertise. I did the national paper for 4 weeks.

Build one info booth near each entrance. Put a toilet in the center, put an ATM nearby also.

Then in the center row heading North (I place the entrances at the east and west sides for orientation) out a drinks, a food, and a stall (You don't have much available.)

From there branch out at the top of that row and put a selection of rides, including your rollercoster. You need one to start, so place that in that clustering. You can use almost all of the 10,000 (whatever is left, doing this) and you should probably not need to develope any more rides, shops or stalls to win.

In no time you should have the 200 peeps show up and you advance to Entrepreneur. Borrow some money and build a second coaster. Make sure you get the excitement rating and soon it is on to Tycoon.

Here you just need to build a fast coaster, and block breaks are your friend. If you have to borrow again, plan to work within your 10,000 maximum loan. You can build a powered launch to a plateau of straight track, then put the block brakes there for a few pieces. After the coaster takes off, you can run it to a loop and a corkscrew and return it home. You may have plateaud out on peeps, so advertising one more time might be called for

After purchasing starting rides

At the End