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05-23-2005, 03:06 PM
Ok, now, here's a common problem (I'm assuming)

Whenever people make parks, they always doubt themselves into thinking, "why doesn't my park look like a real park?"

Well, I hope this is a good explanation but here it is. How to make your park look real.

One huge problem I find most of the time in my parks is flatness. When I finish making a park, it looks good and all, but, adding depth to it can make a huge difference. Basically, place things at different heights. Here's a VERY GOOD EXAMPLE.
Worlds of Fun, made by our very own ShyGuy. Just take a look at the enterance of Port Mandala.
http://img171.echo.cx/img171/5246/mandala75ig1dm.th.jpg (http://img171.echo.cx/my.php?image=mandala75ig1dm.jpg)
Notice how the ride is on top of a hill. This is a very creative and beautiful way of placing a ride for all to see.

Another very useful construction tip is foliage! Put foliage EVERYWHERE! Here's another pic of Worlds of Fun.
http://img171.echo.cx/img171/7327/mandala75ig7np.th.jpg (http://img171.echo.cx/my.php?image=mandala75ig7np.jpg)
Plants inside of planter boxes are a useful addition to paths. If you plan on putting planter boxes in your park, make paths 3 squares wide. Foliage is a very important thing to remember while making parks. If you are dividing your parks into "lands" you WILL and I repeat WILL be able to see every land from one another. Use foliage to block a peep's vision of other lands. It adds a lot of flair to your park and I personally think it looks great.

Fence off areas of your park that in real life you wouldn't want people going. In real life parks, almost every path has a fence on either side. This is to keep peeps from falling into the water or climbing trees. Though, peeps in RCT3 aren't stupid enough to do that, it still adds realism to your park. Reffering, once again, to Worlds of Fun and the picture above, ShyGuy fences off all the foliage in the park.

Tiny additions that people add to their parks are food courts, landscaped paths, creative lighting, and so on and so-forth. If you want specific directions in doing this, then visit www.bitterjewelerfilms.com and go to Scenery Tips in the How To section at the top.

Buildings must be made everywhere!
http://img41.echo.cx/img41/1286/picusadisney36to.th.jpg (http://img41.echo.cx/my.php?image=picusadisney36to.jpg)
If you plan on placing buildings in a Main Street or Main Square or whatever you want to call it of your park. Then you must place them very close together. In the picture above, buildings are placed right next to each other to keep peeps from viewing Adventureland right behind the buildings. And right behind the buildings are dozens of trees and descent spacing to keep peeps in Adventureland from seeing the backs of buildings. Remember to keep theme. Peeps complain otherwise.

There's lots to add but I have to go film right now for a movie so brb with more info.

I hope you like it.

05-24-2005, 02:29 AM
I'm a noob and your post is very helpful. The flatness is a real problem in my park right now. I try to add hills and mountains but end up just making a mess out of things.

BUT, I keep trying...


05-26-2005, 12:48 AM
thats really helpful! i appluad you because parks really do thing like that

05-26-2005, 10:52 AM
thank you!

05-30-2005, 07:27 PM
This is really useful info for making parks realistic. I am trying to design a park and it just doesnt look realistic to me. Thanks for the tips i will try them out now



06-17-2005, 11:29 PM
This is a great leap in making the parks better. Thanks for the insight.