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06-30-2005, 10:46 AM
I have three things I need help with... And I am a veteran RCT player, doesn't that beat all!

First, on older RCT games, when you were in Scenario Editor mode, you could change the entrance to whatever and where ever you wanted. I haven't seen any way of doing that on RCT3... am I missing something? If I build a scary scenario, shouldn't I be able to put in a scary entrance? Or two?

On the water slides, when I build them and put the walkways up to them, then the game says they are dangerous and have to be closed. Is it because the end of the station platform is open? If so, how do I close the end of the platform?

And finally, on the Undertow water slide, I have yet to figure out how to place that ride in my parks. It says it has to be over a pool edge, but if I put it over a pool edge, it says that it intersects with another object, the pool! Has anyone been able to place this ride?

And just an observation... I have seen lots of posts about SOAKED being slow.. I find that the more ground water there is, the slower the game is.

06-30-2005, 12:16 PM
OK, let's see if we can get your questions answered.

1. When in scenario mode, go to the scenery button. The third button from the bottom allows you to set new entrances, as well as set peep insertion points.

2. Ride your waterslides in testing mode. See if your test dummy gets thrown off or doesn't land in the pool at the bottom of the ride. I know I made a waterslide once that shot the test dummy past the pool and out of the pool complex. Funny watching peeps get bowled over in the ride park area.

Just as a second note, all waterslides must have a pool at the end to catch the riders. I know that there are slides that use a small water trough to slow down the riders, but they are not depicted in Soaked!.

3. You may have to raise the whirlpool slide up a little to get it over the water properly. JUst use shift and move the end up and down to get the proper height.

Something to think about, it seems to be easier to build waterslides from the ground up instead of the way you are used to building rides. It makes it easier, and you'll be able to build the rides like you want without running into them hitting the ground quite so often.


06-30-2005, 12:51 PM
I would never have though to look for the entrance under the scenery button! In the old versions, I'm sure it was under the park management area!

I'm going to try what you said about raising the water slide up, and about building from the bottom up!

Thanks sooooooooooooooo much!

06-30-2005, 01:34 PM
Yeah. I had the hardest time finding that as well. I never noticed the information in the manual, but then again I kinda glanced over it and then jumped into the game feet first.

Glad I could help. Enjoy!

06-30-2005, 03:55 PM
Don't raise the slide ends higher as long as they are blue and get added.

When you get the dangerous slide, closed message, find your p.i. and get his thoughts. You'll find that there is not enoug pool out from the slide end so peeps hit the deck.
Here is an image of how Undertow should look.

After this is ready, then you can extend the pool behind the entry and exit.

07-01-2005, 05:44 PM
I'm telling you now, you RCT peeps kick major backside!
Thanks for all the effort!