View Full Version : Soaked Scenario 2-Oasis of Fun Strategies

07-02-2005, 07:24 PM
Scenario 2)Oasis of Fun
Park Value $20,000
Guests in Clean Pool Complex 40

Park Value $34,000
Guests in Clean Pool Complex 100

Park Value $50,000
One Water slide of 3.5 Excitement

This scenario is too easy. You start with more than enough money to win quickly. I won the second time I played it on April 16th, year 1. You want to know how to do that though. So you expand the pool complex, and add a slide into it. A very simple cheap body slide will probably have a 3.5 excitement. You can find a prebuilt one that is over 4 excitement and this will bring in the peeps.

There is a plateau in front of the pool complex and adding all the thrill rides there, and an inverted coaster should get you built up enough that the park value should be more than 50K. This scenario is very unbalanced. I was able to complete my building and playing in under half an hour. Hire mechanics and janitors, build food and drink stalls, but the odds are that you will win so quickly that your peeps won’t even complain about being hungry. Last the challenge is quite easily one because by the time it pops up, you probably already have solved it especially if you have built the snake helter skelter and the flying carpet, and that is an easy 5000 in your pocket.

At Start: