View Full Version : world of the sea

07-03-2005, 06:06 PM
i have got all tycoon level on every park except for this one and the last (of course)
i cannot get my park value up to 120,000 any hints?

07-04-2005, 12:08 AM
The first thing I did was create a pool complex. I never worry about creating a "pretty" park when playing the scenarios, so I just plopped it down, added 2 prebuilt slides, some other extras, changing rooms, and opened it up for business. I charged $15.00. Then I let the game run for a bit, to generate some more money, and then built the parachute drop ride. I charged $2-$2.50 for this ride. Next, I put in the Sky Sling. I charged $6.00. Then I plopped down a prebuilt spinning Wild Mouse Coaster and charged $4 a ride. When I had enough money, I put in a prebuilt floorless coaster. I charged $5 for this ride. Then I added the Hershey's tea cups ride and waited a bit since money was low. I then took out the max loan and put in the 4d coaster and this gave me the 120,000 park value I needed to complete tycoon level.

Here is a picture of my park at tycoon level.