View Full Version : Some Tricks

07-21-2005, 07:22 PM
here are some little tricks and nice goodies for you:

go to your installation directory of rct3 ... there you will find several folders. some are uninteresting, other are not.

make sure you have backup-copies, if you delete or overwrite files

the folder Campaigns contains Base and Sandbox.
in Base you will find all scenarios. copy them to your my documents/RCT3/start new scenarios folder. with this little trick you can even play the last scenarios without beating the first ones. not intended actually, but you can also change the goals and make them harder, easier, or what ever ...

in the Sandbox there is the park you get, starting a sandbox park. you can create a park in the scenario-editor with preset landscape, peep-settings, weather, etc and save it as BlankLandscape, copy it to the sandbox-folder and you will start your sandboxes with your own premade park. do not forget to rename the original premade park first!!!

in the installation directory, there is also a folder named Avatar. here you find two txt-files. copy them to your my documents/RCT3/Peeps and watch jonny watts and atari-employees exploring your parks.