View Full Version : scenery help please...

08-15-2005, 04:49 PM
ok, i just had a question about coasters and scenery

- does the scenery actually boost the coasters/rides excitement rating?
- do the guests actually look at the scenery on the ride (if they can)

i just wanted to know if there was a purpose for making the scenery (except for when the creator rides it)



08-17-2005, 02:24 PM
Well the scenery definitely makes your park look a lot nicer. Also, it can boost the excitement rating up a little.

08-18-2005, 05:47 PM
Scenery (especially buildings) boosts the ride's excitement rating by about 0.5, sometimes more. Unfortunately, at the moment peeps don't think about the scenery on rides, but obviously the higher excitement ratings will affect them. I'd like a peep to think "I enjoyed the Adventure theming on Twister Coaster 1" but at the moment it's not happening. :(

However, ride events (like the volcano and the oil rig) bump excitement ratings up rather more. More ride events = higher excitement levels. The peeps do notice them. They generally think something like "Woot"! or "How does that all get back together again?" Also, if you have Soaked!, the new Event Cam (an option which comes up on the coaster cam menu - it's the one on the far left, only there if a ride event is assigned to a ride) swings the camera around so you have a better view of the event. That's how I got the shot of the coaster going past the volcano in the video in my signature. :)