View Full Version : Scenario 5

08-22-2005, 07:39 PM
It's the fright night park. How do you make money so as to put in another coaster and pay off my loan. Don't seem to be able to make money very well in this one. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

08-22-2005, 10:28 PM
I charged around $6 for the rollercoaster that was already in the scenario. Then I added the Dip coaster and charged around $5 a ride. I think I raised the price of umbrellas to around $4 or $5 since it rains almost constantly. Hope this helps you out some.

09-06-2005, 04:04 PM
I found this one quite hard and yes, paying off the loan took me ages. You can cheat by deleting rides to pay off the loan and when that's done, simply build them again in the same place. But I prefer to play the game rather than beat the scenario.

You do not have to delete an entire park just to re-pay loans, and demoliting scenerery isn't needed either, in any case that's a bit dangerous, you don;t know whether you'll need it to complete the Tycoon level!

Here are a few ideas to make your money go further:
1) Make sure ride entrances are ALWAYS on main paths. Exits can run longer but then use 'no entry' signs to prevent peeps from wondering miles down a dead-end.
2) Arrange your paths in a circular fashion taking peeps past every ride entrance. This means they are always on the right path and don't waste time wondering along dead paths.
3) Keep your park clean. Employing Janitors and therefore clean paths increases your park rating. This increase peeps entering your park without shelling out on advertising.
4) Keep advertising to short bursts, a week of advertising every month is better than a sustained 6 week ad campaign. Advertise during May/June to build numbers for a traditionally busy summer season.
5) Don't take you eye off the weekly profit tab. Remember though that profits are hit by breakdowns.
6) Keep an eye on the number of peeps per hour on your rides, a high number will take an increase in price. However, keep a written note of numbers of peeps per hour and the ride price together with the weekly profit before making changes. If you increase too much you can then go back to what was charged before. Essential unless you have a great memory
7) If you get a message that a ride has broken down, go to it and call an engineer straight away. In a large park grab on and put him near the ride BEFORE calling an engineer. The nearest idle engineer goes to the ride.
8) Keep an eye on the laziness of your staff. A good workforce is essential see 3) & 7) above.
9) Keep an eye on the type of guests (adults, teenagers, kids) in your park and build appropriately, also advertise appropriately.