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10-21-2005, 12:04 PM
Choreographed to me might mean something a little different than most. I've been a fireworks fan all my life (long time 8>)) When I go to our local fireworks displays and on the 4th of July and they say the fireworks have been choreographed, I'm always excited to see how they did. After the first few minutes I'm enjoying the fireworks but I'm usually thinking 'I thought they said they choreographed them'. Don't get me wrong, I always love the firework but I just think that as far as the "choreography" it could be done better. Maybe I just have a little different definition to the word choreography. You see in my younger days I was a dance choreographer and I'm a bit of a musician. (If you look into CaptJRs Homepage link on my main page, you can listen to some of my music) To me when you choreography something to music something needs to happen on the beat. Seems all they do put bigger or more fireworks on the loud part of the music or less fireworks or smaller on the soft parts but nothing seems to fall on the beat. Maybe the launch is on the beat or something but that isn't what your looking at. Seems to me the professional fireworks people should know how much time between launch and burst, look at the orchestra director through binoculars and make the burst happen on the beat or at least have a rhythm to it. Then I think more about it and maybe it just isn't possible. After all, as your all aware, light and sound travel at very different speeds so how could you do it and make it on the beat for everyone.

Any ways you certainly can in RCT3. So I did. Here is a park (no rides) with a fireworks display that I choreographed. You will need the park and the music files so I zipped them together. I think the fireworks show is included in the park. IMPORTANT - If you load another park prior to opening this one and set your view to freelook, then when you open this park it will position you to watch the fireworks to your best vantage point. They should start shortly after opening. I have 'Soaked' so you probably need to have that to watch this show. (sorry if you don't, maybe you'll be getting it soon) Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.


10-21-2005, 12:20 PM
Cool, but moved to The Exchange.....