View Full Version : A small "WB Logo" request

10-28-2005, 05:13 PM
Well as Park Novice has seemed to disappear, I need another custom scenery maker to fulfil my small request. As you may of known, Park Novice made a “WB logo” set (which was my suggestion), it had everything I wanted, but yet I wanted one more logo. The "Warner Brothers Movie World" logo (http://www.jugendherberge.de/images/aktuelles/wb_logo.jpg).

Park Novice made me this one but with one problem, I wanted to use it on Klinns arches, yet it would not match up. I asked him to make a new “updated” logo that would fit, and he did; yet I need a new one. The original logo is 3 tiles long (which is what I need), so it has to be the same dimensions, but it has to be able to place onto Klinns arches (altering the final position).

In all, I would be really grateful if someone could make a new logo (with the same dimensions) but could fit onto Klinns arches.

I want it to be outlined like the original one (and not a square shaped, which cancels out using billboards), if you are interested I could PM you the original set so you could add the final logo to it. Thanks for reading!