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12-09-2005, 12:34 AM
maybe this is totally stupid but i have no idea of how to put custom scenery in the game. i download the main street set, but i dont know where to put the files help!

12-09-2005, 12:52 AM
after you download them and they are in winzip (or something like that) click extract, ggo to my computer, program files, atari, rct3, style, temed, and hit OK. That should work :)

12-09-2005, 12:29 PM
If the download is a file that is executable meaning for instance just an example...

Marnetmar's.exe rather than Marnetmar's.zip the exe files will install the scenery properly into the correct directory providing you chose to install the RCT3 game and expansions on your C: drive.

As for the zipper files. When you unzip them you will need to (presuming the program is located on your c: drive which is the normal AtariŽ installation) extract the zipped folder and files to the following default install directory.

c:--->Program Files--->Atari--->RollerCoaster TycoonŽ 3--->Style--->Themed Just extract the zipped folder into the Themed directory. Restart the game. When you go into the scenery sections the folders will be in there. For instance select walls and roofs and you will scroll down seeing the different third party software provided by the community in addition to Atari's own installed software as created by the great wizards at Frontier :D

Be aware that while most software has been updated, some still remains incompatible with the newer Wild expansion pack so you will need to update this if necessary otherwise you might get the game crashing when you try and select or mouse over the community work in the menus. If the software is updated there should be no more problems.

If however you get the error after a crash No Sud: for :Sid it means the software you had selected in the menu was older and than you will need to go into the Style folder and just delete that older version until you can replace it with a newer one. Anyhow, I hope that helps you.

12-10-2005, 01:16 AM
wow thanks guys...lots of info