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12-12-2005, 02:47 PM
Probably the only person who can answer this is Jonwil

Ok ive been looking at rct's files and most of the have a single texture file for each set.
Now my set has a few different textures, but like rct's they do not have a single object that uses all the textures, which in essence means for each objects texture I reference, I need one object with the texture properly applied.
From what I can see, all the objects in an rct set, reference 1 texture.ovl file, that has all the textures for that set in, so none of the objects have the texture, they just reference it from the texture.ovl.
I would also imagine that this texture.ovl contains no 3d data, its simply a store for the textures.
I tried creating a 1 poly .ovl file to store a texture that could be referenced, Obviously I dont want the object to show in rct, as its just a texture reference, so I referenced the texture from it to one of the files in my set, then I installed the set, and then dragged the extra 1 poly unique.ovl and the 1 poly common.ovl files into the folder, in the hope my file would find them and use the referenced texture. It failed, infact it exited back to windows,
so it seems the textures and object you are referencing must be included in the style unique and style common ovl files, but to do that I would need to make it like a normal object which would then show up in rct.
So is there any way to make an .ovl file that contains all the textures but with no 3d data that can be installed into the theme along with the normal objects, as this seems to be what frontier have done.
It would certainly make thing easier, as you would be referencing the same file for the whole set, and just changing the reference for the texture itself.

I hope that makes sense.

I spoke to jonwil about this and at the answer was not as things stand at the moment, so I'm hoping this may be possible later.
the reference has to be in the style.common and style unique.ovl files, and the only way at the moment to do that is for one of the objects in the theme to store the texture, and the other objects that use that texture have to reference that object, or rather the texture of that object.