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12-14-2005, 11:11 PM
Maybe some on out their can help me I already have a texture for a wile that I like and that I am using for the dark textures in my colored wall set. But know I am searching for texture coolers that will give me deep bright coolers that’s recolorable (ex. Like shyguy’s wall trim vertical dark in man street 2) and a cooler that will make a really close to perfect whit cooler that’s recolorable (ex. Like shyguy’s Wall trim vertical light man street 2) . Since all my objects are one cooler recolorable object I need it to be a tone of blue that is recolorable on the RCT3 cooler table.

I hope a custom scenery maker understand what I am asking for and can help me out and give me RGB index for these textures.

Edit: I just thought about something can it be that it’s not the texture itself that gives it that shiny and brighter look but it’s the settings for the texture style in the importer right know I import them under SIOpaque is there other settings that give it a biter and shiner look if so can some one pleas give me a list of settings I should try from greatest shiny brightness to least shiny brightness.

12-15-2005, 12:22 PM
In your paint program, convert your favorite texture to Indexed (256) colour mode using the custom palettes that are supplied with JonWil's Importer. There's one palette if you're using PhotoShop or compatible program, and one if you're using Corel Photo-Paint for compatible. That will map the colours to the right slots in the 256-colour palette. To see more about how that works, open up the custom colour table and you can clearly see the how the colours are arranged. Depending on your paint program, you should be able to directly sample the colours in the table to get their RGB values, or see those values in an "info" panel somewhere as your cursor passes over top of them.

About your second question, yes, rendering styles such as the 'Gloss' or 'Reflection' ones will provide a brighter and shinier look. Best thing to do is to try them out on several pieces, then see how they look in-game.

Hope this helps,