View Full Version : Any place to download shows?

07-13-2006, 10:30 PM
Awhile back when i first started RCT 3 I used to download so many of people's work just to watch. They looked amazing, three of them in particular. I uninstalled RCT after I got tired of playing it all the time, and now that I'm back playing with it, I can't find any of those shows.

The three in particular was:

- Amerian Idiot (It was a great show with all green fireworks agaisnt a giant wall.)

- Pirates of the Caribbean (Yet again, it was an awesome show, that I think was on a fort like stage, and moat around)

- Fantasmic (Another great show, it was on I think a building structure, but I'm not sure)

If anyone can give me links to downloadable shows, or these shows in particular it'd help a lot, I'm starting to create shows on my own now, and these were tremendous inspirations.